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The plaintiff contends that nothing has changed and that the court should, therefore, confirm that the amended zoning ordinances violate First Amendment guarantees of sex chat with tumba girls speech, leaving the only issue for trial the amount of damages to the plaintiff for the delay in opening its business caused by the unconstitutional amendments to the pertinent ordinances. Consequently, Doctor John's seeks summary judgment granting permanent injunctive and declaratory relief barring enforcement of the January Amendments and leaving for trial only the issue of the damages that Doctor John's suffered because the opening of its store in Sioux City, Iowa, was delayed by the unconstitutional chat sexy live elizabeth. The City denied these claims.

The store has approximately 6, square feet of retail space and Ms. Bolton, who testified that she "run[s] the stores" for V sioux city escorts John's, testified at the preliminary injunction hearing that 75 to 80 percent of the store would be devoted to lingerie and swim wear, somewhere around 20 percent to lotions, oils, etc.

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Consequently, Doctor John's opines that it is more properly described as a "romance shop" than a "sex shop. Thus, this ordinance defined "adult entertainment businesses" by application of a "percent rule," under which businesses with twenty-five percent v sioux city escorts more of their media stock-in-trade in "adult" media were looking for real chat time entertainment businesses," and consequently, were banned from general commercial zones of Sioux City. The parties dispute whether Ms.

Bolton's projections about the stock at the Sioux City store are borne out by the actual merchandise now in that store. On June 9,Doctor John's filed a motion to strike the supplemental appendix filed by the City with internet chat room reply docket no.

Those amendments are referred to herein, for the sake of convenience, as the December Amendments. In support of its motion for summary judgment, Doctor John's initially relied almost entirely on the evidence presented at the preliminary injunction hearing. In reply, Doctor John's submitted new materials in an attempt to rebut the relevance of any such "secondary effects" to its Sioux City store. The parties do not dispute that Doctor John's has actually enforced the "no minors" rule at the Sioux City store.

There are no "adult" s or banners proclaiming "peep shows," "live entertainment booths," "XXX movies," "live models," "adult massage," or any of the other tasteless come-ons all too familiar from adult entertainment stores that exist in virtually every American city of any size and which one may find scattered along interstates and highways even in rural America.

This court observed in its ruling on the motion by Doctor John's for a preliminary injunction that several photographs of the Doctor John's store in Sioux City, which were shown to the court for "illustrative" purposes during the preliminary injunction hearing, revealed talk online handsome freestanding building with an interior display of swimsuits and lingerie that dominates the first impression of the store. However, Sioux City Municipal Code Adult entertainment businesses, as defined in chapter All nonconforming uses in the BG business zone may continue in operation under the provisions of Chapter All permits required herein shall be applied for within thirty days from the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

Disposition of the Supplemental Motion For Summary Judgment relating to the December Amendments has been held in abeyance pending further discovery. Thus, the first impression of the store is a far cry from the first image that most people would likely have of an "adult book store" or "sex shop. The only photographs of the merchandise in the Doctor John's store in Sioux City submitted by the City as part of the summary judgment record v sioux city escorts close-ups of packages of "sex toys," including phallus-shaped "ribbed massagers," vibrators and my space chat room devices, male masturbation devices, "anal sleeves," "clit jewelry," nipple jewelry, sex videos featuring "foreplay," "oral" sex, "anal" sex, and "cumshots," and racks of such items.

The court must decide whether either party is entitled to summary judgment or whether this matter will, instead, proceed to trial on issues pertaining to the first round of ordinance amendments. In its own online sex chat room free in canada and in resistance to the motion by Doctor John's, the City asserts that challenges to the January Amendments are "mooted," because further amendments repealing the January Amendments were filed in December the December Amendments ; because Doctor John's would have been a "sex shop" under the "sex toys" definitions in the January Amendments, which did not implicate First Amendment protections, and consequently, Doctor John's could have been lawfully excluded from its chosen location on that basis; and because, if the challenge to the "combination" provision of the January Amendments involving "adult media" is not moot, that provision v sioux city escorts constitutional under the applicable level of scrutiny for regulation of speech, which the City contends is "intermediate scrutiny," so that Dating iglesia chat John's could v sioux city escorts been lawfully excluded from its chosen location under that provision, as well.

The Doctor John's store in Sioux City sells a variety of merchandise, including primarily lingerie, swim wear, women's shoes, lotions, and oils, as well as games, novelty items, and "marital aids" or "adult toys," including, for example, vibrators, "dildos," "masturbation toys," and blow casual chat on sunday funday dolls some described as "anatomically correct".

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The City, however, submitted copious materials purportedly demonstrating the reasonableness of its conclusion that "secondary effects" warranted its regulation of "adult entertainment businesses," including the Doctor John's store in Sioux City, Iowa. Bolton talk to sexy women for free testified that Doctor John's would be willing to adhere to any limitation imposed by the court or the City on the percentage of "adult" items that could be sold in the store at its present location.

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phone number to chat lines The court was occupied during April, May, and June with the trial of the second of two death-penalty cases on its docket, and has since been occupied with the backlog of criminal cases with speedy trial requirements resulting from the lengthy trials in both of its death-penalty cases, as well as with preparation of an extensive ruling, filed at the end of July, on the complicated issues in the post-trial motions in the first death-penalty case.

Under this ordinance, "substantial" was defined to mean imo chat numbers than twenty-five percent of the book, periodical, magazine or video inventory are [sic] distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on matter depicting, describing or relating to specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas. All uses not specifically enumerated as permitted uses in the BG zone are prohibited, subject to the right, set forth in Subchapter VII of Chapter The following are examples of adult entertainment businesses but the list is not to be considered exclusive: adult book stores; adult motion picture theaters; adult video stores, model studios, introductory services, and escort service bureaus.

Connie E. Anstey, James L. Bergthold, Law Office of Scott D. Bergthold, P. Several months v sioux city escorts this court ened enforcement of teen chat lines to city zoning ordinances regulating the location of "adult entertainment businesses" in Sioux City, Iowa which were passed just in time to bar the plaintiff's new store, a putative "adult entertainment business," from opening the plaintiff moved for summary judgment to make the preliminary injunction permanent.

Finally, the City submitted a supplemental appendix of additional "expert" materials, which Doctor John's has moved to strike. I, Ex. Inexplicably, Doctor John's did not submit any affidavit countering these estimates with specific estimates of its own concerning either percentages of stock-in-trade or retail floor space devoted v sioux city escorts the display of certain of items, leaving the court to infer from other evidence what the percentages might be.

Thus, only the issues pertaining to the January Amendments and the motion chat er chill hungary bored strike filed by Doctor John's concerning the City's supplemental appendix are now before the court. See Order of September 1, docket no.

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After delays caused by City fun flirty chatting of its amended zoning ordinances, Doctor John's opened that store in late February or early Marchpursuant to the court's preliminary injunction ening enforcement of the January Amendments. The Doctor John's store in Sioux City is in a commercial area across from v sioux city escorts Wal-Mart, adjacent to a strip mall, a chiropractor's office, and a nail salon, and near various restaurants and motels, a minor league baseball stadium, a park with meet new friends online chat free league or softball fields, a bowling alley, and an ice-skating rink.

The preliminary injunction has remained in effect until this time.

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Sioux City Municipal Code The BG snap chat xxx is intended to provide business locations for retail, service and wholesale uses serving a city-wide clientele. II, at uned s Minors are not admitted to Doctor John's stores, because as Ms. Bolton testified at the preliminary injunction hearing, Doctor John's "d[oesn't] believe that children should be in a store that carries adult material.

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This merchandise is presented very much in the same manner as it would be in most national chat rooms for divorced support name clothing stores, which have become ubiquitous at malls across urban and suburban America. These summary judgment motions, which pertain to the January Amendments, as well as Doctor John's motion to strike, are now before the court.

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Doctor John's reiterates in the litigation of the summary judgment motions its contention that its stores, in Sioux City and elsewhere, sell a variety of products deed chat no emails no reg appeal to couples who wish to enhance their love lives. Prior to October 27,"adult book store" was defined as follows:. Such inventory must be offered in an area segregated by a gate or door and monitored and indicated as being findom chatroom to minors.

Some ten months after the court's preliminary chat see where it goes who knows ruling, on December 20,Doctor John's filed a Motion For Partial Summary Judgment docket no. At those oral arguments, Doctor John's was represented by W. Vakulskas of Vakulskas Law Firm, P. The motions presently before the court are now jersey chat lines submitted. Somewhat more specifically, Doctor John's asserts in its supporting brief that the January Amendments do not withstand either strict or intermediate v sioux city escorts.

At some time in the fall ofDoctor John's leased property located at Singing Hills Boulevard, Sioux City, Iowa, for one of its stores, its first such store in Iowa.

Wed. oct. 28

Although Ms. Bolton did not testify to an estimated percentage of total stock-in-trade that would be devoted to "novelties" or "adult toys," and explained that she could not say what percentage of "novelties" would be considered "adult," she did testify that 75 to 80 percent of the store's total stock would be "non-adult products.

The zone is intended to be located in areas characterized by good accessibility, including those kemah women on chat which are heavily exposed to automobile traffic. In a published ruling, Doctor John's, Inc.

City of Sioux City, Iowa, F. Iowafiled February 26,korean online chat in australia court entered a preliminary injunction ening the City from pursuing, instituting, continuing, or completing any and all enforcement actions pursuant to the municipal code employing the definition of "adult entertainment business" in the January Amendments, until such time as the preliminary atlantic city adult chat online was v sioux city escorts or vacated, by this court or a reviewing court.

The court will not, however, attempt a dissertation of undisputed and disputed facts, but only a statement free strangers chat sufficient facts to put in context the parties' arguments concerning their cross-motions for summary judgment.

As mentioned above, in Decemberwhile the present cross-motions for summary judgment on the January Amendments were pending, the City enacted additional amendments to its ordinances redefining "adult entertainment businesses" and repealing the January Amendments.

Similarly, prior to October 27,an "adult video store" was defined as follows:. In response, the defendant city filed its own motion for summary judgment, asserting that another round of amendments has "mooted" v sioux city escorts plaintiff's claims and that, in any event, the plaintiff's sale of "sex toys," for which no First Amendment live sex chatting girls from jersey city is available, would have brought it within the purview of the first round of amended ordinances and would have constitutionally barred it from opening in its chosen location.

Doctor john's, inc. v. city of sioux city, iowa, f. supp. 2d (n.d. iowa )

Bolton testified online sex advice chat Doctor John's checks for proof of age and identity of everyone who comes into its stores to enforce its self-imposed ban on minors. Doctor John's has not retreated from that position in the litigation of the current cross-motions for summary judgment. Bolton testified that all or nearly all of the videos at the Sioux City store would be "adult videos," and Doctor John's has submitted no additional evidence to the contrary as part of the summary judgment record.

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On the other hand, the only photographs of v sioux city escorts merchandise in the store submitted by Doctor John's as part of the summary judgment record are panoramic shots of the store's interior showing racks and racks of swimsuits, lingerie, shoes, chat room moderator, knick-knacks in the shapes of cavorting dolphins, etc.

These materials, taken as a whole, do not ificantly change the factual background concerning the attempt by Doctor John's to open a store in Sioux City naughty chat canada tx the City's response, as set forth in the court's preliminary injunction ruling.

Plaintiff Doctor John's, Inc. Doctor John'sa putative "adult entertainment business," filed its original Complaint in this action on December 9,against the City of Sioux City, Chatroulette random chat the Cityand Paul Eckert, in his official capacity as Sioux City's City Cartoon chatting, challenging Sioux City's municipal ordinances imposing a moratorium on new "adult entertainment businesses" enacted in October and amended in November On January 20,Doctor John's filed an Amended Complaint, and on February 10,filed a Second Amended Complaint challenging further amendments to Sioux City's zoning ordinances concerning "adult entertainment businesses," enacted in January In its Second Amended Complaint, Doctor John's alleged that these v sioux city escorts violated its right to free expression protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and constituted prior restraints on free expression; failed to allow reasonable alternative means of expression; resulted in a taking of its business property without due process of law; infringed First Amendment freedoms in a manner greater than necessary to further any valid interests of the City; lacked adequate procedural safeguards and failed to provide for prompt judicial review; and denied equal protection.

In fact, from a quick drive-by, one would likely assume that chat lines free off max business was a rather upscale retail store for women's clothing and accessories.

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On January 5,Doctor John's filed a Motion For Preliminary Injunction in which it requested that the court en the City from enforcing the temporary moratorium on adult entertainment businesses enacted in October At the evidentiary hearing, v sioux city escorts court allowed Doctor John's to amend orally its Motion For Preliminary Injunction to seek an injunction against enforcement of the amended "adult entertainment business" ordinances enacted at the expiration of the moratorium in January random date chat January Amendments.

The permitted uses, permitted accessory uses and the permitted conditional uses shall be the same as the zone upon which the C zone is overlaid, except that this range of uses may be reduced by the terms of an approved planned development concept plan or an approved planned development site plan if no concept indian sexy live chat is required. Sex forum phone chat court notes that the record is also silent as to how either party computed percentages of stock-in-trade, whether by of actual inventory items, by chat with people app value wholesale or retailby net or gross sales receipts, or by some other calculation.