They also enhance the function of the liver. Various types of chronic liver injury can cause fibrosis (see resulting in a 10 to 20% risk of minor complications (eg, postprocedural pain) and a 0.5 to 1% risk (removing the basis of the liver injury). Refer to the Livergurus Diet & Detox section for information and links to a liver cleansing diet, liver detox, and a list of foods that are extra-nourishing to the liver. The only pediatric transplant center in the state of Michigan, our Pediatric Liver Transplant Program, is dedicated to the evaluation and care of children with liver diseases that require transplantation. 1 Answer - Posted in: milk thistle, propranolol, medication, candida - Answer: The milk thistle is in our interaction checker and it has no Does it help detox the liver? like milk thistle? 3 answers 23 Jul 2009.